the future of work

Workers on ShiftSub

As an employer, to fully grasp what ShiftSub is capable of, you must first understand who our workers are and why they prefer ShiftSub.

The future of work

When Do Employers Use ShiftSub?

Whether you have fluctuating workloads, host events, manage projects, need a specific skill or are lacking skill & experience in your team, you can customize your SubTeam so it align with your business needs.

Build your SubTeam with the workers you need.

the future of work

A bright future for your business

We recognize the demands and responsibilities of running a success business, including the challenges with building and maintaining a dedicated workforce. We also understand each industry is unique and each business within that industry operates differently. ShiftSub is committed to the flexibility and creativity needed to find the strategy that best serves each business owner’s vision and goals.

ShiftSub is every employer’s bench!



Employers post ShiftRoles that consist of a general description of the work that needs to be done.



Employers and workers connect & meet to learn more about each other and determine if they would like to work together.



Employers add SubWorkers to their Schedule and post Open Shifts for SubWorkers to pick up and work.

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“When I arrive for my first shift with a new employer, I already feel like part of the team.”

Kendra marie

“I like all the different types of work I can do and all of the people I get to meet as a SubWorker.”

kyle michael

“Being able to choose when I work gives me more time with my friends and family. When plans change, I can pick up shifts at the last minute.”

Parker thomas

“SubWorkers bring new ideas and fresh pespectives to my company.”

Mark a.

“Meeting with SubWorkers before they pick up shifts has built a better connection between them and our existing team.”

Martini Z.

“The amount of time we spend on managing our team schedule has reduced substantially and our revenue has increased.”

Carlos P.

Where Talent & Opportunity Connect

ShiftSub is an online platform for people and businesses within a community to connect, collaborate and get the work done.

Employers get to know their SubWorkers just like they do their permanent staff, they just don’t see them as often. Employers call on them when only when they have work that needs to be done.

A massive, untapped workforce!


Empowering employers across every industry. ShiftSub partners with businesses for long-term success.


Whether an employer has one location or many, ShiftSub is connecting talent with opportunity nationwide.


No hourly mark-up and no conversion fee. ShiftSub is subscription-based with no limit on the number of workers you can connect with.

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