As an employer, to fully grasp what ShiftSub is capable of, you must first understand who SubWorkers are and why they prefer ShiftSub.

SubWorkers can connect with & pick up shifts for multiple businesses all in one app, on one page and in chronological order.

Whether people are looking for shifts in the morning, evening, overnight or on weekends, there is always work available when they have time.

Many employers offer the opportunity to “pick up shifts”, however, there is no guarantee that work will be available when it fits into the worker’s personal schedule. Employers need people when they need people. People need work when they need work. ShiftSub offers a win-win for both the worker and the employer.

SubWorkers have the ability to work in different cultures doing different types of work. ShiftSub offers people variety in both the type of work they do, when they do it and who they work for.

This massive, untapped group of qualified people are looking to connect with employers today!

Each worker you connect with through ShiftSub has a unique situation where they need the ability to make their own schedule. ShiftSub offers them this without them having to put in a time off request or submit availability. This particular group of people are finding what works for them on ShiftSub over job boards and staffing agencies.

The relationship between the SubWorker and the Employer is similar to that of the employee and employer. The difference is that they only see them when they need them, but they get to know them as they continue picking up shifts long-term.

Wait, there’s more!

There are many ways ShiftSub can be used depending on the industry and individual business goals. To see ShiftSub firsthand, schedule a demo with our team and learn even more about how your business can benefit!

What to expect…

See firsthand how people are using ShiftSub to find work and why employers can’t do this on their own through a live demo.

On a demo, take a deep dive into the employer experience. Employers can questions, discuss customization and explore ideas with us!

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