By registering as a SubWorker, I acknowledge, understand and agree to the following:

By picking up a shift, I am taking ownership of it.  I will clock in and be “ready to work” at the designated start time.  I will work each shift in its entirety.  I am responsible for transportation to/from each shift.  I will connect with my mentor at the beginning and end of each shift.  

If, for any reason, I can not work a shift I picked up, I understand that I can make it available again but it remains my responsibility.  If another SubWorker does not pick it up, the shift remains on my schedule and I’m expected to work the shift.  

I will remain professional at all times while on an employer’s premises and while interacting with employees, leadership and customers to maintain the ShiftSub brand.

I have read, understand and agree to the ShiftSub Strike Policy and give permission to employers to report a strike to ShiftSub if I am involved in an incident as outlined in the Strike Policy.  

I must connect through ShiftRoles to initiate contact with employers.  I will see open shifts only for the employers that I connect with and who agree to add me to their open shifts schedule.  

I understand the importance of completing my SubProfile as it may help me get noticed by more employers.

Each employer that I have a mutual agreement to pick up shifts with through ShiftSub will add me to their payroll as a part-time, W-2 employee.  

There is no guarantee of scheduled hours or open shifts by any employer.  My hours will vary based on availability of work and what I choose to pick up.  I understand that some weeks employers may not post open shifts.  

ShiftSub is not my employer.  I am not eligible for any benefits with ShiftSub directly, including but not limited to paid time off, vacation time, holiday pay, sick pay, FMLA benefits, sick leave, overtime, unemployment benefits, retirement benefits, and/or workers compensation.  It is at each employer’s discretion as to whether or not they offer benefits or perks of any kind to a SubWorker.

If I have an interest in full-time, permanent employment with an employer, I will approach the hiring manager to discuss further.

I have read, understand and agree to the “Ready-to-Work” guide shown below.

Ready-to-Work Guide:

Before clocking in, SubWorkers should use the restroom, eat, check messages, etc.  We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before scheduled shift so that when you clock in you are “ready to work”.

  • Hair up and back out of face
  • Uniform neat & clean. No wrinkles.
  • Good hygiene.  Wear deodorant.
  • Jewelry to a minimum.  Stud earrings only.  One ring maximum.
  • If working with food, no glue-on nails.

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