Daycare Teacher

Region: MO-St Louis
Pay Range: $$15.00 to $19.00
Education: High School Diploma
Credentials: Other
Experience: No experience needed


Welcome children and their parents, assisting with transitions from home to daycare. Supervise and assist children during breakfast, ensuring they have a nutritious meal. Engage children in a group activity such as singing songs, reading stories, or discussing the day’s activities. Lead educational activities such as arts and crafts, sensory play, or basic math and literacy exercises tailored to the children’s age group. Supervise outdoor playtime, ensuring safety while encouraging physical activity and social interaction.  Provide snacks and supervise children during snack time, encouraging healthy eating habits and social skills.  Help children settle down for nap time or quiet activities, providing comfort and support as needed.  Assist with serving lunch and supervising mealtime, promoting healthy eating habits and table manners.  Lead learning activities or free play sessions, adapting to the children’s energy levels and interests.  Assist with diaper changes or bathroom breaks as needed, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.  Keep records of children’s activities, behaviors, and developmental milestones, including any incidents or noteworthy observations.  Provide updates to parents about their child’s day, including highlights, challenges, and any concerns.  Assist children with cleaning up toys, art supplies, and other materials, teaching them responsibility and teamwork.   Help children prepare to leave, ensuring they have their belongings and saying goodbye to parents.

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