The desire for flexibility in today’s workforce is at an all-time high.  Workers are seeking autonomy over their schedules more and more.  And employers are striving to meet this demand by offering “flexible scheduling”.  

Employers are allowing employees to send in their availability prior to making the team schedule.  It seems like a win-win situation – until reality sets in.  What appears to be a solution to work-life balance can often turn into a logistical nightmare for employers.

Even though employees have the freedom to say when they’re available, bosses still need to make sure there are enough people working to meet business demands.  This means certain shifts or times might need to be covered, even if it’s not what the employees want.  Employees are finding that if they want to pay their bills on payday, they may have to work shifts at undesirable days and times because that is when work is available.   

Moreover, managing a flexible schedule can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. From coordinating shift swaps to handling call-offs, employers are faced with a mountain of administrative tasks that detract from core business activities. What was intended to streamline operations and boost morale ends up becoming a drain on resources and productivity.  

In conclusion, the quest for flexibility in the modern workplace is undeniable. While the concept of flexible scheduling holds promise, it’s essential to acknowledge the practical challenges it poses for employers and employees alike. Striking a balance between individual preferences and operational requirements is no easy feat. 

ShiftSub is shaking things up! We have created a strategy where employers get the work done, when it needs to get done.  At the same time, workers have the ability to truly manage their own schedule!  Let’s chat more while we show you how ShiftSub works firsthand. Your ShiftSub adventure awaits!

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