We often hear people talk of passion, the thing that fills their cup, or what gets them out of bed in the morning. It certainly sounds important but how do you find your calling? It’s first important to note that your calling is just that, yours. It is very personal and can change as you grow and experience life so finding it is a journey. Accepting this allows you to experience life and take note of the many things that will ultimately create your path. Here are a few ways to help you find your passion.

Say yes to the unknown and things outside your comfort zone. The more open you are to new experiences, the more likely something will surprise you by adding a bit of unexpected joy. This includes working a variety of jobs or volunteer opportunities that expose you to new skills. Bonus, often, these new skills can apply to a variety of new experiences.

Take note of things you once enjoyed that have fallen to the side. As life progresses, we sometimes forget about things that were once enjoyable or fulfilling. How can you take that activity and reincorporate it into your life today? You might be surprised to find an activity you loved as a child has some application in the broader picture. For example, if you love gaming, maybe coding and creating games for others might be the creative spark you need in life.

Find a way to reflect. Often it is when things are quiet that we can truly think about what made an impact in our lives. Whether it is hiking, meditating, or journaling, take time to make note of the things you want more of each day.

Continue to put yourself in new environments and surround yourself with a diverse group of people. These experiences, feelings and people will guide you to finding the thing or things that make you tick.

Written by Deborah M.

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